Is 555 ZIZ gone again?


I have not noted 555 ZIZ St. Kitts lately, even when I use an north-null cardioid antenna that reduces pest 560 WGAN to the night levels of other stations on that channel (chiefly WFIL, WQAM, WHYN, and Cuba).

This is the case even at times that 820 TBN (R. Paradise), 800 PJB, 780 R. Coro, the 580 & 940 Puerto Ricans, and other stations in that general region are doing well.

ZIZ had been off air quite a while and then back on, seemingly at less power, a few months ago.

The station's website <> still shows 555 kHz AM as well as 96.1 and 95.9 MHz FM.

Is anyone on this list in the eastern Caribbean area or, lacking that, know of a remote online receiver that does a good job covering that area at least on night skywave if not all day?

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
South Yarmouth, MA, USA

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