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You will find that products by Tech-Spray and their Rid-Ox line's Contact Protector/Enhancer are as well thought of as Caig's products, and they have worked very well for years.

Beware of over-spray, and clean up any, just as you would if using Caig's.

We have found that these two brands, a little goes a long way, and they can be used interchangeably if you really have to, although we all prefer sticking to all one side, so to speak.


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Useful tip, Gary. But does anybody know of an
equivalent to Caig De-Oxit right of The Pond ???

I have used Servisol Super 10 switch-cleaning lubricant,
but am not sure of its credentials...


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Hi Michael, Joe, Mike and Jerry,

A professional technician tip to clear up these intermittent earphone jacks is to spray Caig De-Oxit
on the earphone cord plug tip, plug it in to the jack, and rotate it around a few times. Repeat this
procedure until all intermittent problems are cleared up, then wipe the earphone plug tip dry with a
clean cloth, and re-insert the plug into the earphone jack a few times, continuing to dry the plug
as necessary until the plug comes out of the socket in a relatively dry state. This procedure
corrects the intermittent problem in about 99% of cases.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puytallup, WA, USA)
Ex- U.S. Navy Sonar Technician

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