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I might add here that many receivers 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch headphone connectors can and usually eventually do get oxidized contacts, where you usually can not reach them to clean. polish and lightly lube them.

One "tool" we use is to lightly saturate a "Q Tip" like cotton applicator, with quality tuner cleaner/lube, where MOST but not ALL of the cotton at the tip is smashed to make tinier, or removed to leave a small amount cotton on these.

Making sure that the cotton comes back to you, you might CAREFULLY insert into the headphone jack and rotate a few times, circulating back and forth as well.

That will in many instances, clean-and-lube enough of the contacts that likely caused your initial problems.

Again, making sure no cotton is left inside the connector, you might have to repeat the above two or so times to really clean what can be.

You can also do the above after removing the chassis totally, thus exposing the connector more fully, possibly gaining you better access to perform the above.

As a final note, we have done the above for a great many years on receivers of all ages, many Sat 800's, Tecsun PL's, vintage Grundigs, and others.

Headphone jacks/plugs are a constant, somewhat chronic source of exciting problems, especially as they or the headphones being plugged in age and/or oxidation and dirty contacts set in.


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Jerry, this not an uncommon problem with all sorts of
jack-sockets, not just in a PL-380 (although thus far mine
is ok). They don't make'em like they used to :-)

I always push the plug in with tenderness and hope
for longevity. Where possible, I leave the earphone plug
in most of the time. Sometimes you can unsolder it from
the PCB, cut the plastic away and bend the springy contacts
gently back, but this can be tricky and risky in modern radios...


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Subject: [ultralightdx] PL-380 earphone jack

Anyone out there have problems with the head phone jack.
The plug has to be wiggled or pulled about half way out to hear from them.
A friend touched up the solder joints there, still does not work properly.
Tried another pair, same thing.

Jerry WWØE

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