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Peter Laws

As was said before, 300/f in MHz or 300/(lambda) in meters. :-)

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For the US/Can/Mex the MW BCB is 565m to 175m. International MW broadcasts
are 575m to 185m.

Formulas are;
a.) 299792458 / Frequency Hz = meters
b.) 299792458 / meters = Frequency Hz

Where 299792458 is the Speed of Light in meters per second.
As previously answered 340 meters would be in the MW BCB labelled as either
880kHz (US/Can/Mex) or 882kHz International.

Paul S. in CT

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If a MW Station broadcasting in 340 Metre Band, what will be its actual
frequency? i.e. we know that SW 11825 KHz is 25 Meter or 9345 MHz is 31



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