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RE: << I do hope some one picks up this mantle. I have no idea which chip is the tuner itself and which ones would be voltage regulators, audio amps etc. >>

That's what the datasheets assist you on.

Datasheets are surprisingly useful even if one is not an engineer or technician, and you can type in the datasheet part search text based on what the receiver's service information or readable schematic advises.


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I do hope some one picks up this mantle. I have no idea which chip is the tuner itself and which ones would be voltage regulators, audio amps etc. If some one does become serious about researching this and will report the findings here, please email me directly and I will attempt to find and attach the service info I located already to a reply. I am disabled and that will be a big job, but I will happily do it once. - FARMERIK

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If you can get a defitivie IC chip part number, preferebly from the downloaded service manul, the manual will usually name the chip in various places, such as a prts list, the schematic diagram itself, and somes in a "discussion text" page if a certain part of the receiver is being tesest or discussed.

Then, try entering the IC number at a datasheet site, of wehich there are many on the Internet, and the datasheet can be either read online or usually downloaded and read as a Acrobat PDF file on your computer, where you can usually zoom in on a circuit to better read or identify a part value, etc.

One such website for datasheets:

As a test for right now, search for the "LM317" as a search term. The LM317 is a variable low ripple voltage regulator, and the results of the search will show you one or more datasheets on that IC.

Then, apply the above example search, this time repeating it for the various transistors or IC chips in the Sony receiver or in that receivers service manual or schematic diagram.


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I started down the road of IDing the chips in my many recent SONY portables, but do not know enough about electronics. I was able to find service manuals online showing the schematics and chips, but most radios have several. My eyes and knowledge of electronics are both too poor to figure that puzzle out. Also when I looked into lists of SONY radio chips, I read that when they change a chip so it can be used in some new radio, it gets a new number, even though the new chip can be used to replace the previous ones in that particular series. So essentially the same chip can have a number of different designations made over time.

From testing the many SONY radios I have, I generally see minor differences in how the radios sound and tune stations. Probably even the same chip is set up differently. I could not detect a way to group different SONY portables together to suggest they use the same chip.

I think someone who is knowledgeable in radio circuits could figure this out with effort. It takes a while to find a free down loadable service manual for each radio, but I think I have been able to do that for every set, mostly from overseas, where they are still repaired.
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