Ultralight Log #300

Dave Hascall

After coaxing from a handful of DX'ers, I am counting KSEY 1230 TX DX test and this is ULR log #300!  Now I know that a few DX'ers sped to 300 in just a few short days (or was it hours? lol) but mine has came over just a few hours of listening, per season.  That being said, I have really added to my overall total since the ULR craze hit.  Thanks to all!

This is my farthest GY catch (overall) by 4 miles, over another 1230, Lakeland, Florida, way back in 1991.  It is only GY #5 for Ultralights.

1230 KSEY TX Seymour 3/24 0111 Test tones and sweeps.  Very poor. New! DH-IN

Dave Hascall Indianapolis (EDT) Eton e-100 barefoot

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