KSEY 1230 DX Test + ULR #299

Dave Hascall

Tried for thew KSEY 1230 DX Test.  I did hear a few sweep and other tones but certainly not enough to count.  Would have been one of my farthest GY stations.  I tried with a Grundig S-350 and Eton e-100, both BF.  I'm sure that if I had more antenna, it would have been easier but even Glenn Hauser had trouble with getting an ID and he is much closer.  I did hear a new station on 1230, thanks to the test, WHOC, Sparta IL!  I'm not much of a GY DX'er but heard much classic country and an ID at 0135 ET.  This is ULR 299!  Between the tones, WHCO and an unID talker, 1230 was fairly quiet.

#298 was WUMY 830 TN.  They moved from Missouri and since it is further than 40 miles, I counted it.  They were prolly not on their 2 watts night power, either.  Thanks to Earl in St. Louis for the tip.  They were blasting away WCCO the first night and the second, WUMY was alone.  They are potent, in my direction.

Thanks for the tests but I'm 0 for 3.  KBXD 1480, tried for but nothing and I think that I would have had more of chance with their night pattern / power, any way.  Vicksburg 1490. prime time, too busy to try for,

830 WUMY TN Memphis 3/23 0615 Loud w/Classic Country and slogans.  Easily over WCCO.  Must be on day rig.  NEW! DH-IN

1230 WHCO IL Sparta 3/24 0135 Easily atop the channel at times w/Classic Country and ID.  Heard while trying for KSEY TX DX Test. New! 

Dave Hascall - Indianapolis IN 

Times: EDT Grundig S-350/Eton e-100

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