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I believe, after extensive testing ending about eight months ago for a magazine and upcoming white-paper, one will find that there are many ear-buds that have terrible performance, and even poorer sound qualities. Some were defective right out of the sealed container or packaging.

The results seem to be all over the place, ranging from no bass reproduction at all, to low volumes, to not fitting in or over the ear properly which cuts off sound or performance, etc.

Performance or problems with impedance were tested, but of the 25 or so test candidates, not a one audibly or impedance testing show a lick of difference.

Most all the seven receivers tested (Sangean represented by the 909X series) specified a range of earphone impedance, thus ear-bud as well, from 4 ohms to 32 ohms, and the various ear-buds performance never changed regardless of the ear-buds that specified an impedance.

Of the 25 various ear-buds tested, be they name brand, off-brand, low-cost, very expensive, perhaps 14 of them had what might be termed respectable low frequency, high frequency responses, credible volume and clear reproduction. Exceedingly few had qualities and performance that rivaled or were expected to rival even lower-end full headphones.

Bottom line ? One can spend minutes, days, and partial lifetimes worrying about items like ear-bud or headphone impedance, and then realize that in the vast majority of cases and situations, it doesn't really matter.


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Steve, I don't know if impedance is the reason, but I know a different pair of 'buds can make a huge difference in the sound of any audio device; not even necessarily substituting a more expensive pair for a cheaper one. I don't have a specific pair to recommend, but I seem to have good luck with the Sony and Philips brands.

73 and good DX,

Keith Beesley

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I think I've been using earbuds that are the wrong impedance with my Sangean DT-400W ultralight. I discovered this when I switched out my J-Buds for an old pair of Skull Candy 2XLs that I brought home from work.

I immediately noticed the audio output was "fresher" & more "crisp," with highs that I had not been hearing with my JBuds.

True, the Skull Candy 2XLs may have a higher frequency response, but the sound difference was VERY dramatic.

Note that I do not use the "Extended Bass" switch (or whatever it's called).

Anybody out there have some experience with different brands of earbuds and corresponding audio differences?

Thanks & 73,

Steve Ponder, N5WBI
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