Three new ones at SSS

Dave Hascall

Listened from about 1805-1850 EDT, as I inch toward 300 Ultralight logs.  Added three new ones to the overall logbook, as well!  Listened on the Tecsun PL-606.  Greart cx to the South and SE.

720 WGCR NC Pisgah Forest 2-17 1805 Good w/S. Gospel.  Equal w/WGN @ times. Relog but new to ULR log.  DH-IN

780 WWOL NC  2-17 1811 Good w/Southern Gospel.  Abruptly gone at 1813 power cut (or outright sign off), leaving WBBM in the clear.  No ID but given the direction, the time of disappearance and the strength of WGCR, this one is counted. NEW!! Domestic 780 #3! DH-IN

820 WVSG OH Columbus 2-17 1822 Loud w/Catholic service. First time heard with these calls.  Relog but new to ULR log. DH-IN

1090 WAQE WI Rice Lake 2-17 1830 Good w/Fox Sports and some local WI scores. NEW! DH-IN

1600 WATX TN Algood 2-17 1848 Loud at times w/U of TN - Vanderbilt NCAAW Basketball.  Local ads at a timeout, nailed it. NEW! DH-IN

DH-IN = Dave Hascall Indianapolis, IN Tecsun PL-606

ULR count at 296 (Domestic + Foreign), with overall logbook (US/Canadian only) at 837.

Dave in Indy

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