7th Anniversary and 600 Stations YaaaaaY

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

I went Cuban hunting before midnight, and found two new US stations for the log so far. Both were found after midnight, marking the 7th Anniversary of Ultralighting. And naturally, both are Oldies stations.

First one was 1460 WRAD playing "At Last" (Blues, and it threw me until the next song "Sealed with a Kiss") At ToH 0100 EST call sign WRAD. Channel is messy but the call stood out enough.

Second one was a surprise Call for WBCU at 0114 EST followed by "City of New Orleans, and then Carpenters song. This is Station #600.

Both Stations heard using the newly acquired PL-310... no need for the AN-200, Its there for the R-911 now. Mr. Coffee has been started up in celebration. I think I'll use the good Melitta Classic for this ;o)

#599 WRAD Radford, VA broadcasting Oldies with 500 Watts at a distance of 815.8km

#600 WBCU Union, SC broadcasting Oldies with 1000 Watts of power at a distance of 1071.1km.

The New File Uploaded is the geneeral log, I have a log prepped for submission of 600 Stations in time-ascending order. Who gets the good news?!?!

Paul S. in CT (the happy 7 year old once again)

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