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An update to general review... I did a battery test using 3 Alkaline AA cells of Rayovac Brand. Radio set to a volume of "07" and was left on 24/7 until batteries caused the receiver to shut off. Six hours later the set was re-energized and played until the set shut off. Various stations were used including my most recent logs of Cuba. FM presets were also stored and called. And the answer is 97.7 hours. Well within the expected previous PL-310 radio range that was 96-100 hours. This answer is double that of a PL-210, and typical of a PL-200 (or clone) set, using an extra battery.

Final storm total here 31" (79cm), highest amount known 40" (102cm) in Hamden, CT 5 miles South of here. We got plowed in, and have 6-7 foot piles to clear.

Paul S. in CT

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Just received my newer (06/2011) PL-310. This one is silver as opposed to the black early model I had, and Elmered. This one does OK, and is quieter on AM band, with a few usual suspects around 730kHz.One thing this set has is a . . . kind of buzz (very low freq.) when pushing a button that the other set did not have. It does not affect performance AFAIK. Also, this set bleeds a little AM onto the LW band, slight, but in a quiet place, there is a faint talking at level of intelligibility.

I have nothing new to log, but Seldom Heards WRKK 1200, WSPQ 1330,and WSTJ 1340 all up nicely earlier b4 midnight. Local Beacons and DDP also heard barefoot (Need to move outdoors). FM is top notch quality as expected.

As I responded previously, there is a new "et" version of the PL-310 available through the usual ebay vendors: mine is a "plain" PL-310.

Paul S. in CT

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