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robert ross

On 2013-02-08, at 12:59 PM, KeithB wrote:


Everybody stay safe out there! Hope everyone is well stocked with emergency supplies, including food, water, radios and extra batteries :-). In my backyard this AM, 39 deg. F., overcast, no wind. In other words, fairly typical for Seattle in early Feb.

Keith B.

--- In ultralightdx@..., "ferrite61" wrote:
> If Nemo follows the Gulf Stream, you'll be finding Nemo by Tues.
> 2200-2400 UT might be fruitful tonite on 710, 770, 880, 1010, 1030, 1050 (Spanish), 1080, 1130, and 1210. Top of band 1500, 1520, and 1560. GL and Good numbers.
> Paul S. in CT

OK Guys......I'm in  from round One of Snow Blowing. Was out there for 3 hours with the Blower and 2 Shovels ...even got the wife to work with me!!! My Son had already gone out at 6 am to try and get the car out of the driveway....but that didn't work real well, as the Road was worse than the Driveway!!

It's still snowing and we have over a foot of snow on the ground so far. More to follow, but at least I have the first Foot shovelled off...I'm sure I'll be back out there before the day's over!!!

I don't know how much you guys have on the East Coast so far...but be advised I'm sending a lot more your's not even done here yet, and it's all heading East!! The Storm from the South is just gonna compound things!!

Have Fun in the'll be summer before you know it and we'll all miss the Snow!! HHAAHAHA Yeah Right eh????

73.....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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