Re: Nemo has been found

keith beesley

Everybody stay safe out there! Hope everyone is well stocked with emergency supplies, including food, water, radios and extra batteries :-). In my backyard this AM, 39 deg. F., overcast, no wind. In other words, fairly typical for Seattle in early Feb.

Keith B.

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If Nemo follows the Gulf Stream, you'll be finding Nemo by Tues.

2200-2400 UT might be fruitful tonite on 710, 770, 880, 1010, 1030, 1050 (Spanish), 1080, 1130, and 1210. Top of band 1500, 1520, and 1560. GL and Good numbers.

Paul S. in CT

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Any chance that NEMO flakes will deflect MF eastwards across the pond?
I haven't received much TA recently on my SRF59.

If the asteroid veers off-course, sat radio might get clonked
and uldx become flavour of the month :-)

Silver lining?


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At 0800 Nemo was found here in S. Cent. CT. See ya Sunday LOL.

Paul S. in CT
Paul...Glad to hear we are sharing NEMO with you!!!

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