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ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

Dusting from Gr. Lakes all week, and the band in turn opens. We will be exporting some of the expected 20-28" (50-70 cm) any takers? lol

I do note that regular weather (as opposed to space weather) has its effects. Last nite as the storm approached WBT got quite spotty as the storm intervened the TX n RX. The weather today seems to be dissipating the noise a bit. And an old storm regular WMID A.C., NJ shows up nicely.

Paul S. in CT

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On 2013-02-08, at 8:33 AM, ferrite61 wrote:

At 0800 Nemo was found here in S. Cent. CT. See ya Sunday LOL.

Paul S. in CT

Paul...Glad to hear we are sharing NEMO with you!!! The first wave of this Blizzard has already passed through London Ontario.....and we have about 10 Inches of snow on the ground.....with a lot more to follow!!! Most everything is cancelled here in Southern Ontario, and we're shoving the Blizzard off your way!! I'm just getting ready to Jump into the Snowmobile Suit and head outside to ride the Snowblower around for a couple of hours!!!

I think you guys on the East Coast are gonna get it worse than we didn't have to contend with the Storm that's coming up the East Coast to marry up with the Blizzard!!!

Film at Eleven.......

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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