Re: Gary DeBock's New Monster FSL Antenna

robert ross

On 2013-01-31, at 8:28 PM, toptyp19 wrote:


> Gary plans to straddle his new Ferrite Sleeve Loop antenna across the
> backs of two sturdy mules while DXing. Good luck keeping them still when
> you're trying to null a local pest station, Gary!
> Guy AtkinsPuyallup, WA

Nah! Gary is still a "strapping young laddie!" He will just lash it
onto his own back and hike for the coast!


On behalf of the Group I am taking it upon myself to start a "Support Gary Charity Fund". This latest version of the FSL Antenna used over 12 Miles of Litz Wire and Gary had to sell his Toyota Corolla to finance the Wire Purchase!!

I doubt we'll raise enough money to get him a New Toyota......and I figure the FSL will not fit in the trunk anyway. However, maybe we can raise enough to purchase him a Used Dump Truck or maybe a Front End Loader?????

All this time we've just been crediting Gary with "REFINING" the FSL Antenna.........when all along (while showing his modesty), he actually invented it ....way back in the early 1900's, obviously when he was just a boy!!! 

How did you ever keep this experiment a secret from your wife....did you work on it in the Garage??

73....ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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