Re: San Francisco DXing

Mark Roberts

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 7:19 AM, carls <cgshifflett@...> wrote:
Thanks for the info Chris, I think that will help out a lot. I found out the location in my house is causing some problems and need to move my operations to my shop and free of most RF. I did recieve this station early this morning for about 20 minutes before fade.
First, congratulations on getting KKOB despite the IBOC hash that KCBC
in Riverbank (Modesto) spits out at 760, 770, and 780.

One thing to keep in mind, and something I had to remember when I
moved to the Bay Area from the Midwest, is that strong signals aren't
going to be coming at you from all directions. Not likely to get much
from the west, which is why I find Gary's expeditions and catches
interesting reading.

Aside from that, you're close to several strong signals: KGO, KTRB
(which mix to produce a false signal at 760), KFAX are all in
southwest Alameda County. KCBS and KABL (740 and 960) have IBOC
signals; so does KMKY (1310) sometimes -- and the KMKY transmitter is
right at the eastern anchorage of the east span of the Bay Bridge,
which means it's also relatively close-by. So there are parts of the
dial where getting anything over that noise will be tough.

Best of luck - I quit DXing years ago for other reasons but it can be
an interesting challenge. Things like IBOC, poorly maintained electric
lines, ever-higher nighttime powers, etc. make it even more

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