Re: Sony M37W

Guy Atkins


The muRata filter used in the ICOM "PCR" radios is a pin type, and the form factor is a small black rectangle. These fit reasonably well on the M37V's (and presumably "W" model) PCB. You may need to extend a lead or two with small diameter wire to reach the appropriate through-hole on the board.


Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

--- In ultralightdx@..., Rick Robinson wrote:

Hi Gary and Guy,

Thanks for the info on the Icom filter, I'll order one and give it a
try. The muRata is working fine for me and I can DX during the day on
either side of local 1450 WHKP, and semi local WWNC, using this filter
which was not possible with the stock filter. Installing a CFJ455K5 in a
M37W would be impossible as it is very tight in there. I have a 455K5
in my trusty old FRG-7700 and it is a fine filter but way too big for
the tiny Sony. It's a tight squeeze in an SWP.

Guy, is the muRata used in the Icom an SMD or pin device? I'm wondering
about the small amount of space in the M37W.

Good DXing,


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