Newfoundland Ultralight Log Jan 13

Allen Willie

Hello To All

Conditions here were a mixed bag with the Solar K Index a bit higher at 2. A number of stations not heard in a while were coming through, both last evening and early this morning.

Last night WSB in Atlanta came right over top of the CBC station at Bonavista on 750 for a while.
This morning several Chicago stations were at arm chair strength as well as others in the west.

Also, WCCO in Minnesota was over WCRN on 830 for a time. At one point WUFC Boston 1510 was off air and heard in it's place was another Sports station audible off and on .
Checking this out , it appears there are two other sports related stations on the frequency in Colorado and KGA in Spokane.

With that signal fading away eventually and no ID , it may have been another "one that got away".

I did however manage to log a new one last night. Hard to believe this one hadn't been logged here sooner.

630 - WPRO - Providence, Rhode Island 21:22 UTC Jan 13 " You're listening to Patriots football on WPRO. Game Preview show for the NFL playoff game . "Patriots Radio Network" and legal ID's

Ultralight Station # 942

Receiver: SRF-M37W barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland

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