Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Logs Jan 12

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

It was by far, at least here in the "Hope" one of the best days for late afternoon, early evening DX. Not so much in terms of hearing new ones but for the fact that there were many second and third tier stations audible.

The solar Flux peaking at 172 and the K index at zero definitely helped yesterday's propagation conditions. Quite a number of stations logged previously, but not heard in some time showed up as a result.

One of the two stations in St. John's which had been off air when our snowstorm hit still remains off air this morning. On 800 khz with VOWR missing , most of the over night hours , CJAD in Montreal prevailed. The previous evening, quite a mixture of dsifferent stations showed up on 800 and a few new ones were added to the Ultralight log.

Two new ones added to the Ultralight log yesterday as follows:

657 - ISRAEL - Rashet Bet (IBA), Tel Aviv 20:00 UTC Jan 12 music then into man in Hebrew saying "Shalom" with ID then further conversation and back into music ( signal remained good for 5 minutes or so then gave way to Spain's signal and reappeared off and on for a while after at times. )

Ultralight Station # 940 Trans-Atlantic Station # 432

800 - CJBQ - Belleville, Ontario 23:40 UTC Jan 12 music promo, Chris Jones music Ad, song "Blue is the Color of Lonesome", song by Restless Heart - "I'll Still Be Loving You" ID - "Quinte's CJBQ " ( another station logged due to the absence of VOWR in St. John's on 800)

Ultralight Station # 941

Receiver: SRF-M37W barefoot

Good DX

Allen Willie
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland
47:43N 53:11W

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