Re: Computers and Interference - and the Shield Idea


Agreed, but only IF you covered the radiated area of the receiver's internal ferrite core antenna, presuming that the receiver in question has one, and further presuming that the receiver tunes AM/LW with such an internal antenna.


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I feel this would shield weaker signals too.

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Am hopeful this may be of interest and perhaps solve some problems:

Re: Computers and Interference - and the Shield Idea

The Frankenstein Possibility Shield Idea:

We that know how, or have family or a friend who does, can fashion thin
Tyvek or usually better easier to work with, paper + RF shielding on the
insides of the receiver in question, and ground the new shield.

In general, the shielding, be it thin aluminum or RF grid shield mesh, is
glued to the paper, (OR) even better, a two-sided self adhesive sheet is
used, one side sticks to receiver inside back (the usual location), the
other side sticks the shielding + ground wire on, etc. If you have access
to metal-coated paper, and can securely attach the "shield" material to a
ground wire, so much the better.

Messy and hard to do ?

Approached correctly, no. Yet, that depends on ones need, manual
dexterity, luck, and getting the pieces together.

Generally effective ?

Absolutely so,ESPECIALLY when shield ground is connected to earth ground,
e.g., as might be afforded by ones antenna installation, etc.

Should everyone and their cat run out and do the above ?

No, of course not. The above may and does work superbly for a great many,
but do tread lightly if one's background be not technically


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