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Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

I've DX'ed from Maui with little noise several times. 738 Tahiti was a regular. KTLK-1150 and KTNQ-1020 (diplexed with each other) were there every night. This might sound hard to believe but I heard KOMA (now KOKC)-1520 on a not great rental car radio and it was strong!

I heard KFWB-980 on a car radio in Poipu Beach in 1979.

73 de WB6TNB

--- In ultralightdx@..., Robert Ross wrote:

Hi Guys:
This is our 2nd week here in Hawaii. The first week was spent in Maui, where the DX Conditions were very NOISY!! Not much could be heard from the Condo we were in due to severe QRN......and I Was too tired to crawl down to the Beach at night!!

As of yesterday we are now on the Island of Kauai at the Point at Poipu, in a ground level Condo right on the Beach and things are much better here QRN Wise. I can actually hear Radio Stations here!!!

Here's the results of some casual listening I did last night........nothing too exciting, but these are all over 2000 miles I believe. I don't have good references here with me so some of this stuff had to be looked up online to confirm what I as hearing. I've never DX'd from this part of the world I don't know if these are good catches...or just routine. Considering they are on an Ultralight SONY SRF-T615 Barefoot....hopefully they are decent catches.....

I'm typing this on a small please pardon any big fingered typos!!!!

No attempt made for DU/Asian or Pacific stuff yet.......Trying to squeeze a lot of activities into a 24 hour day is keeping me busy enough.

temps are 83 to 85 every day and very SUNNY.......I may have to move here!!!! I think this is a little better than shovelling snow in a SNOWMOBILE Suit!!! No Bugs here at this time of year...and the Humidity is kinda place.

All times are in Hawaii Local Time...........


Robert S. Ross
Point at Poipu, Kauai, HAWAII

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