Re: MW stations as at January 2013 New Zealand

Gary DeBock

Hi Tony,
Thanks for posting the updated list of New Zealand AM stations in our Ultralightdx file section.
Many of those Kiwi stations can produce awesome signals here on the North American west coast during our local summer season (June-September), especially when boosted by a sensitive FSL antenna at Oregon coast cliff sites. These local-like recordings were all made on a Tecsun PL-380 last year at "Rockwork 4" (south of Cannon Beach) and Cape Perpetua (south of Yachats).
567-Radio National (50 kW)  at Rockwork 4 Cliff (8-21-12)
594-NZ Rhema (5 kW and 2 kW) at Rockwork 4 Cliff (8-20-12)
603-Radio Waatea (5 kW) at Rockwork 4 Cliff (8-21-12)
657-Southern Star (50 kW) at Cape Perpetua (7-20-12)
684-NZ Rhema (5 kW) at Cape Perpetua (7-21-12)
765-Radio Kahungunu (2.5 kW) at Cape Perpetua (7-20-12)
828-Radio Trackside (2 kW) at Cape Perpetua (7-20-12)
963-Southern Star (10 kW) at Rockwork 4 (8-24-12)
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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I have posted an updated list in the General Information files area. Happy New Year

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