Re: French on 540 & 1550 in Ontario


Yes, indeed. We now hear them on 1550 not too frequently here in Knoxville TN (East Tennessee) Especially when "skip" is favorable, and the season of year may play a big part, with Winter being "better" for reception or so it appears.

They are running about 10KW, in Windsor, Ontario as I recall, and they come to mind as we find it rather rare to pick-up 10KW down here. Distance as the Canadian Goose flies is about 520mi or so between here and Windsor.


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Guys...Found out tonight from a buddy of mine in Detroit that CBEF has indeed moved it's French programming to the 1550kHz. frequency (CBE-1550 right?). least for the time being...they will simulcast 1550 on 540....I assume to get folks educated that they've moved to 1550.

Eventually 540 will supposedly go dark....don't know when.


Tim, KD8GZ
near Cleveland

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