Re: NiMh rechargeable batteries for Tecsun ANY model


Reminder: NiMh rechargeable batteries for Tecsun ANY model

Especially with the jump in holiday presents and birthday gifts, etc...

Speaking of NiMH "size" in capacity, as long as the charger (recharger may be more precise), can "feed" the NiMh as it charges, use the highest MAh NiMH AA or AAA you can buy or locate.

Although this was not always the case in the past, most all modern-day chargers can handle the increased capacity as they re-charge, ALTHOUGH, it may take a bit longer to fully re-charge the higher-capacity NiMH batteries that you use.

Side Note: Beware the AA and AAA size NiMH that sound priced too low to be believed, most all fail much sooner than later.

Ditto, beware the larger "C" and "D" size NiMH batteries that claim lower-initial cost, yet actually have inside them grouped AA or even stacked AAA batteries, whereby they fake the buyer, and are not to be used, or should not be. Why ? Because historically and under years of use, they FAIL more, and many will NOT hold a "proper" or long-lasting charge.

The "real" C and D size NiMH will usually-but-not-always be happy to advertise their "real-ness", and the "real" ones are usually heavier than the "faked" C and D cells.


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2500ma in mine ... lasts much longer!!


--- In ultralightdx@..., Jim Orcheson <va3jno@> wrote:

Hi Jerry,

I am using 1700 mAh batteries in mine.


On 01/01/2013 9:13 PM, ww0e@ wrote:

Do you have to you use 1000mAh batteries for this radio,

or will the 1700 mAh or 750 mAh work also?



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