8" FSL For Sale

Everett N4CY

Well guys I thought that I had sold the 8" FSL, but need up selling my 12.5" Dual Band FSL instead.
So if anyone is interest in a 8" FSL for $300+ shipping they can contact me at everettsharp@...
Below is the information on the 8" FSL
The 8" FSL is constructed using a 5" wide piece of 6.5" OD plastic Drain pipe with two 1/2" ply wood disk placed in each end of the plastic pipe. I used 32 Russian 125 X 16 X 4 mm ferrite bars, which are no longer available, that are epoxied to the plastic pipe and they are covered with fiberglass cloth, which was also covered with 2 coats of epoxy. The outside diameter of the  FSL with the ferrite on it is 7". Then the ferrite is covered with 1/2 thick PE foam, thus with a ending diameter of 8".
The coil is 18 turns of 660/46 Litz wire, there is also a 1 turn winding next to the main winding that is used for a coupling coil, which is connected to a ferrite matching transformer, this is for a 50 ohm hook up to a desk top radio. It has a BNC connector on the back side. The tuning capacitor, is a N50 (10 to 360 pf), with a 8:1 tuning ratio. The tuning range/coverage is 2060-530 KHz.
The FSL, is one of a kind and is constructed very well. It works very well with very sharp tuning. It's appearance is in no way perfect, it is home made, but it is probably one of the best construed and looking FSL's that has been built to date. I have several articles that are posted on the ULR site covering  many of my FSL antennas projects and experiments.
Below are some pictures of it:
So if anyone is interested, let me know. I don't know what the shipping cost would be, but I think that $25 should cover it. I would more then likely have to build a wooded box to ship it in. So the total cost would be $325 delivered. I can take either a money order, or PayPal payment.
Everett N8CNP

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