The North Pole DX


It was Christmas Eve at Santa's Place, and all thorough out the house low and high in height, Santa was not DX'ing at all tonight.

He winced at getting up from his listening chair, but he knew Christmas deliveries were in the air.

As he donned his final suit, he exclaimed all the while, "This time I will bring the portable receiver and with it sky high at least a few miles, I will DX Mars I know!" with a few wry smiles.

As he leaps on his sleigh, with Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen and the rest. "Someday", he thinks, "I will put that new dipole to the test."

When you realize with your inner child that Santa has come and left, you might be sad if along with milk and didn't leave him WRTH 2013, even with all its heft.

So to all, this night and day to come, all to sleep tight, and a wish for a Merry Christmas to you and for all a good night. -- JR

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