Snow on ground enhances AM daytime skip today

Tim Davisson

We have about 3" of snow on grassy areas here in NE Ohio today.

So, for the heck of it, at about 1:30pm EST this afternoon, I grabbed my T615 and headphones and picked up 2 new URL radio catches from nearby states:

1420 WKCW/Warrenton, VA. (with local WHK *ON* and nulled)w/oldies at 1:30pm EST (half-hour legal ID).

1440 WKPR/Kalamazoo, MI.; w/talk at 2:10pm.

Heard many other un-ID's including: "Faith Radio 1390", sounded like (but isn't): WBGN or WDGN...looping south/southeast...not sure who it was at 1:03pm running non-stop religious holiday music and some spoken rel. programming. Maybe St. Mary's, Ohio if they dropped oldies. Freshwater log lists nothing close. Any ideas?

Should be an excellent sunset skip this afternoon/early evening here in the midwestern US. FYI.

Tim, KD8GZ
near Akron
T615 is stock/barefoot(not modified)

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