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There was a change in which AM BCB frequencies were buried in computer and monitor RFI when I changed from CRT to flat screen monitors. For me that was a big help, since for listening while on the computer, I often tune in the 700's and the CRT's definately made that difficult. I don't know what variety of Flat screen monitors I have, but they moved most RFI up the band well above 800.

I did buy a CCrane ferrite AM amplified antenna, and mine can be boosted farther by connecting one lead from my 2 and 4 foot [untuned] air cores to the ground terminal on the CCrane ferrite pick up assembly, and placing the ferrite near the center of the air core. It seems to be a bit wider pick up pattern, so from my location in the NE, I just place it to null the computer and it gets everything to my west and south west quite well without adjusting the 'beam'.

I decided to look into the Palstar ferrite and AOR loops too, but have not heard from anyone using them.


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Have you tried a flat panel with LED backlight?
They are uncommon but I would expect them to be
much quieter in RF output compared to either a
common flat panel (fluorescent backlight) or a
"real" CRT monitor (high voltage flyback).

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Sometimes computers and radios just don't seem to mix. With my desktop, the biggest culprit is the monitor.

I place my boombox or SRF-59 and loop on the floor about 6-8 ft. away from my computer, and use a headphone with a long cord. It still doesn't eliminate the QRM, but placing the radios any closer to the computer I get hash all over the band.

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This is a popular AM antenna which has been around awhile. I have small passive loops, diamond and rook wound litz loops, 2 and 4 foot air cores, and SONY amplified antennas.

Rather than for DXing, I am more interested in operating a radio next to my computer, and having an indoor antenna some distance away for distant broadcast listening.

Also, I am no longer able to make my own gear, it has to be 'off the shelf'.

Is the CCrane a good choice or is there something else I should look at?


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