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Tony Ward

I think what I like most about the ULR group is the documenting by so many members of just what is possible, and your logs show this of course Gary. The contributions of Allen Willie from Newfoundland are another inspiring record that leaves me wondering why I no longer live by the ocean, on whichever coast. Location, antennas, and stubbornness are the main ingredients in success. And it is a good time of year to express thanks to those who show these talents and guide this Group, giving it its rare --- perhaps unique --- flavour. Gary, Rob, and the spirit of the late John Bryant; keeping it real into whatever new calendar we travel on with .....
Tony (VE3NO) NYAA Starfest


Is it just me or are the nights getting shorter?

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Hello Tony W., Tony K., Andy and All,
While on the subject of transplanted New Zealanders, let's not forget local Canadian DXer Theo Donnelly ("Mailbag" editor of the NZ DX Times), who somehow managed to get my entire July 2012 Cape Perpetua FSL DXpedition report published by Mark Nicholls in the August edition (presumably because of the wacky strength of the Kiwi AM stations on the side of the Cliff).
73, Gary DeBock, N7EKX (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
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Whoops! I've been outed!! .....


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