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Gary DeBock

Hello Tony W., Tony K., Andy and All,
While on the subject of transplanted New Zealanders, let's not forget local Canadian DXer Theo Donnelly ("Mailbag" editor of the NZ DX Times), who somehow managed to get my entire July 2012 Cape Perpetua FSL DXpedition report published by Mark Nicholls in the August edition (presumably because of the wacky strength of the Kiwi AM stations on the side of the Cliff).
73, Gary DeBock, N7EKX (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Whoops! I've been outed!! Welcome aboard Andy. My NZ days date back to Whangaparaoa and the Lloyd Clayden antenna farm, with big boat anchors and small War surplus lash-ups to receive with Barry Williams and the Auckland crew. Good days. These days I lurk here, travel with the ULR's, watch Gary and Rob's exploits with great interest, but most of my DXing is with an array of Wellbrook antennas, old school long wires and BOG's in my friendly suburban ravine just East of Toronto. The Perseus has displaced all the high end conventional receivers, so I tend to keep my head down around here....but I still love playing with the stuff!
Tony (VE3NO, ZL1AZV) NYAA Starfest

Just discovered with horror that my Jerry's Pharmacy 2012 Calendar ends on December 31st. Do I need a Doctor's 
prescription for 2013, or are we all doomed?

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Thanks for the welcome Rob, I look forward to contributing, hopefully positively. :)


On 21/12/2012, at 3:53 AM, Robert Ross wrote:

> Hello Andy:
> Welcome to the Ultralight Radio Group!! Glad to have you aboard, it always nice to have more International Members....I believe we already have 1-2 members from New Zealand and even a Trans-Planted KIWI in "Tony Ward" of Whitby, Ontario!!
> Whether you are into DXing, Building Antennas to use with ULRs, Modifying ULRs or just plain old Listening to the Radio...we think you will find lots of interesting stuff here in the Group!! There's a lot of knowledge here in the group....and you joining the Group has added to that compendium!!
> Hope you have FUN with ULR Radios, and we all look forward to reading about your ULR Adventures!!
> 73...ROB VA3SW

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