SRF-T615 versus filter-modded E100


If one already has an Eton E100 with the filter modification, would
there be any advantage to having a Sony SRF-T615 ?

Most important consideration here is selectivity for split-channel
foreign DX. Sensitivity and overload immunity are a bit less critical
since an external passive inductively-coupled loop can be brought into
play when necessary. For higher grade audio for casual listening
and "non-rare" DXing, I have any number of other suitable ultralights /
semi-lights already. For standalone good sensitivity I have the Kaito
KA1103 which of course is not technically an ultralight, though still
very compact for travel usage.

In short, would there be any point to dropping over $100 on an SRF-T615
in my situation ?

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA

--- In, "Tim Davisson" <kd8gz@...> wrote:

Guys...While I *love* my 2 Sony SRF 59's, I have to admit, I finally
gave in to the raves of many folks on this site re: the Sony SRF-
just a few minutes ago I ordered one.

I plan to use it without modiifications, just like my SRF 59's.

Thanks for your opinions, guys. It was your reccommendations that
convinced me it was worth $100+.


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

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