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keith beesley

Right, Paul, not an ultralight but I have read many good reports about them. I went to the doctor last week and there was a 20-something guy in the waiting room listening to one with earbuds; it's about the same height and depth as a PL-310 but 1/3 wider to accommodate the second speaker. (Imagine that, a young man actually listening to a RADIO, not an Ipod or smart phone!).


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eBay via ANON is a very good choice. Reading the description there is a better translation. The PL-390 is neither a sattelite band receiver nor shirt-pocket sized.... its not an Ultralight.

Paul S. in CT

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> > Tom Welch writes...
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> > >I'm in the market to buy a Tecsun PL-390.
> > >do I buy it on Amazon or eBay (Anon)?
> >
> > Doesn't matter, at least on price. There's one importer, and black
> > ones cost within a cent of each other, shipping paid. Silver ones on
> > Amazon are $5 cheaper.

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