Re: Pictures of ferrite bar and air core coils used for booster antenna tests

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Thanks for the photos, Garry.....  I assume that you are looking at the SRF-49's bar with the idea of directly substituting an air-core loop for the entire bar assembly??  I'd be interested to know if the bar and coils were/or not identical to the ones used on the SRF-39 and 59.  That bar is shown in the data sheet in our files section.

Keep up the good work!

John B.

At 01:23 AM 4/17/2008 +0000, you wrote:

I uploaded pictures of my test coils. They were each used with the
same variable cap for comparison as booster antennas with my SRF-49.
My previous post describes the test and procedure.

I was planning to show them in position with my SRF-49, but I've taken
the radio off the pine board and disassembled it to study the wiring of
the stock rod.

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