In my experience ordinary dimmers cause much more widespread
interference than TVs or any computer equipment. On the other
hand my whole house is polluted with HF noise (roughly 3-10MHZ)
from the miserable power supply that Verizon uses for my FIOS
battery backup. Anybody but a phone company could find a UPS
that puts out very little RFI, but they had to come up with
their own special 48VDC switcher whose only good point is that
it does not put out much RFI in the AM broadcast band.

I agree with the earlier posters that either the power company
or the FCC should be urged to track down noise that can drown
out a 50KW local AM station.

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I also live in a noisy environment, but not enough to kill the hobby. Generally I have found that the modern technologies of power switches, LCD(LED) TV's, computers-routers-modems are very unagreeable with Amplitude Modulation. Power-lines are infected with street-light arcing, and the house power transformer though robust is in the cellar and say 55 years old... and quite noisy in my bedroom above and next to it. Indoor RX is a much less viable option than it was 6 years ago when I started. But there is still the picnic table in the backyard. Unfortunately, there appears to be no local escape for you. And thats a bad thing.

Paul S. in CT

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Hey everyone.

I don't expect this post to solve my problem as I have already tried taking steps to solve it myself. I've read information on several websites including all of the info that is posted on the ARRL website and elsewhere.

About two weeks ago, I noticed some terrible noise up and down the entire AM band as well as plenty of it on the SW bands. I determined that the source was not within my home. I do live in a somewhat crowded suburban environment, so I thought perhaps it was the neighbors.

Well, I got in the car and drove around my neighborhood and discovered that this awful RFI could be heard within about a 1/4 - 1/2 mile radius all around my home.

Just a few blocks in either direction from my home and it drops off completely. Very frustrating. I called the electric utility company in my area - DTE.

Yesterday the technician showed up at my house and took some measurements at my meter and said everything looked ok at my house. I told him roughly the area where the noise could be heard, where it seems the strongest etc.

He told me that his part of the job was to show up and do what he did at my home, and then to file the report of what he found and pass it to the next step in the process which would be for another tech to come out to the neighborhood with different equipment and to search out the cause of this.

Around 12:30 or so this afternoon, I noticed that the noise was gone ( I check it very often day and night to see if it's still there) . I observed the same thing about a week or so ago around the same time of day: the noise was gone. But last week, while the noise did disappear, it returned after a short while.

Today after I observed that it was gone, I got in my car, drove around what I knew to be the affected areas in my neighborhood and YES! I thought to myself - the noise is finally gone! I proceeded to leave my neighborhood to run some errands. All the while I was on these errands, I was giddy about the prospect that I might actually be able to finally do some DXing this evening at home.

Well, I returned home about 40 minutes later only to discover - yes of course you know what happened next - the ******* noise is back.

I don't know any DXers in "real life" and anyone I know would probably say to me "so what then again? you can't listen to your AM radio at home? why do you listen to AM radio anyway?" So I have come here to vent my frustration, to remind those of you who are living in reasonably quiet neighborhoods that are mostly free of interference to appreciate that and take advantage of it if you can. There is at least one of your cohorts that is suffering in a world of complete and total shutdown of his radio hobby .

Yes, I realize this isn't some dire matter of life and death or serious illness or famine or poverty, but hey, it still stinks. I guess I'll have to go to a remote location or a friends house for now if I want to DX or even just listen to my 50 kW local. Yes, the interference is so bad that I cannot even listen to local clear channel 760 WJR. I can hear it but the signal is polluted with all kinds of noise even though their transmitter is only about thirty miles from my house.

Thanks for putting up with my rant


Berkley MI

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