Re: Tecsun PL-600 Birdie


Sorry for that. I learned something new about a radio I have
owned for years (the DX-440 being double conversion). I just
assumed it was single because almost all double-conversion
radios list that on the case to help sell the radio. The 440
certainly does not have much image rejection when tuning LW.

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The DX-440/ATS-803 are dual conversion. Also, the Sony 2010 is
dual conversion. All exhibit the 455 kHz birdie syndrome though!
It can be a definite PITA!


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I thought it was common for <$1000 radios to use 455KHZ
I.F. (even if they are dual conversion and have another
higher I.F. frequency). Then if there is I.F. leakage
back into the RF input stage you will get oscillation
at about 455KHZ. The Radio Shack DX-440 is an prime
example of this, made worse by being single-conversion.
I don't have a PL-600 to compare, but it sounds like the
exact same problem.

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I just got a PL-600 and while tuning it on the LW band I came across a severe birdie between 450-460 kHz. Is this what to expect from a cheap chineze radio? I'm not too happy with my radio, so I wonder if it could be one of those that QC missed...

I have a video that shows this:



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