Re: Going Linear...

Bruce Conti

If unable to shut off the noise source, I would consider going "ultralight unlimited class" by coupling an outdoor terminated broadband loop antenna to your ultralight radio for DXing from the comfort of indoors.  The loop can be located at the quiet spot on your property with a noise-reduced lead-in to your radio shack and RF transformer coupled to the RF inputs of the radio (or alternatively with a few wraps of wire around the radio although that may also act as a in-house noise pick-up).

Terminated broadband loop antennas such as the Delta, Flag, and SuperLoop are easy to build, basically consisting of a single loop of wire with an in-line termination resistor and an RF transformer coupling to a lead-in.  Example drawings are available at in the Antenna section.  An internet search for "Delta antenna" etc. will find more info.  These antennas produce a wide cardioid beam with a deep backside null.  The null of the antenna can be aimed to further reduce noise while the terminating resistor can be adjusted to the desired deepness of the null.

I don't have experience with coupling to an ultralight radio though.  Perhaps others in the group will be able to provide more info if you decide to go that route.

In terms of contests, the NRC contest over last season was a fun one.  It was a series of sprints giving each participant the opportunity to compete in each segment while also offering a cumulative contest.

Bruce Conti

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