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mike z

GM John- I also have noise on the low end of the BCB. I can track it to the utilities entrance on my house. From there, its pretty much radiated throughout the building. I've also found hot and cold spots in the yard, as you have. Over the years, as things have been added to the place, noises have popped up. Some with addition of computers, wireless router, solar panels/charger/invertor. Changing the style of fluorescent lamps in the radio shed was a bad move here.
The metal roof made a negative impact on a non-augmented portable radio, but using a passive loop helps quite a bit.
Odd thing, my crystal sets do not seem to be as hampered by the always present noise that's on the utilities. I use an approximately 250 long, tee fed antenna over who-knows how many feet of ground screen.
One of the best all around listening spots for me is an upstairs storage area of the garage. 15 feet up, under a metal roof, on a SW facing gable end. There is nothing noise-wise to speak of.
I'd be interested in what you find as the major source of noise.
Mike AD1OS

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Hi, all,

Trying to get cranked up for the Fall season but severe line noise is
really putting a crimp in my MW DXing. It's overpowering during the
day, especially on the lower part of the band. It improves at night
but I have to take a lawn chair and go to the far part of my yard to
DX. The source of the noise is somewhere in my house but I have yet
to localize it.

Yes, I am disgusted by this, as it even makes my FRG7 and DX150 about
useless right now. So when you hit a brick wall, the best thing to do
is to go back to basics. This season, I am going to try to focus on
DXing on ULRs that have a linear (non-digital) readout, such as my
SRF-59 (all 3 of them), R9011, this Radio Shack handheld I have
(12-586), etc. Back to basics and the challeges it brings. I'll use
my Select-a-Tenna and my Tecsun AN-200 passive loops, otherwise, I'll
DX barefoot. If Allen Willie can haul in Europe on a SRF-59 barefoot,
then I have to see what I can do! I'm not going to re-set my ULR log
(currently at 856 stations) but I am setting up a seperate non-digital
ULR log. I'm hoping that by "switching gears" that I can get some of
the DX fire back. Even without the line noise, I'm having some
trouble adding new stations right now. A good contest would help
(hello IRCA and NRC!) to focus my attention. Barring that, I want to
see what I can do on a "minimalist" scale. I might even put a crystal
radio together, who knows.

Alright, my first "non-digital" log is 660 WFAN New York, with the
Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech football game on the SRF-59. :)

John Cereghin WDX3IAO KB3LYP
Smyrna, Delaware
My radio page
Twitter- @Pilgrimway

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