Re: Going Linear...


I would concentrate on trying to find the noise source if you
are sure it is inside your house. That is far easier than trying to
track down a noise source outdoors or somewhere down the road
a mile or two.

I would take a look at anything digital or anything that uses a
switching power supply. Many of the older small wall-wart transformer
power supplies are being replaced with small transformerless
switching power supplies today that can throw out a lot of noise.

Any appliance nowadays could be suspect, even a dishwasher,
anything that has a digital clock or keypad could be throwing out noise.
Don't forget battery chargers, light dimmers, fluorescent lights. TV sets,
even when turned off could have some kind of live circuit inside just
idling on low power.

Use your ultralight radio to see if you can find where the noise increases
and go from there. Don't overlook anything, even doorbell transformers
have been known to create strong interference.

73 - Todd WD4NGG

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jcereghin@... writes:

Hi, all,

Trying to get cranked up for the Fall season but severe line noise is
really putting a crimp in my MW DXing. It's overpowering during the
day, especially on the lower part of the band. It improves at night
but I have to take a lawn chair and go to the far part of my yard to
DX. The source of the noise is somewhere in my house but I have yet
to localize it.

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