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Hi John,
Try turning off different circuit breakers in your house until the noise disappears.
Then find out what is on that circuit and unplug them one at a time until the noise
Don't forget lamp dimmers on wall switches!
If that doesn't stop it check when your house was built as if it has "KNOB & TUBE"
wiring it might be warning you of a fire trying to start!!!
Adrian KF7DYU

On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 9:23 PM, John Cereghin <jcereghin@...> wrote:

Hi, all,

Trying to get cranked up for the Fall season but severe line noise is
really putting a crimp in my MW DXing. It's overpowering during the
day, especially on the lower part of the band. It improves at night
but I have to take a lawn chair and go to the far part of my yard to
DX. The source of the noise is somewhere in my house but I have yet
to localize it.

Yes, I am disgusted by this, as it even makes my FRG7 and DX150 about
useless right now. So when you hit a brick wall, the best thing to do
is to go back to basics. This season, I am going to try to focus on
DXing on ULRs that have a linear (non-digital) readout, such as my
SRF-59 (all 3 of them), R9011, this Radio Shack handheld I have
(12-586), etc. Back to basics and the challeges it brings. I'll use
my Select-a-Tenna and my Tecsun AN-200 passive loops, otherwise, I'll
DX barefoot. If Allen Willie can haul in Europe on a SRF-59 barefoot,
then I have to see what I can do! I'm not going to re-set my ULR log
(currently at 856 stations) but I am setting up a seperate non-digital
ULR log. I'm hoping that by "switching gears" that I can get some of
the DX fire back. Even without the line noise, I'm having some
trouble adding new stations right now. A good contest would help
(hello IRCA and NRC!) to focus my attention. Barring that, I want to
see what I can do on a "minimalist" scale. I might even put a crystal
radio together, who knows.

Alright, my first "non-digital" log is 660 WFAN New York, with the
Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech football game on the SRF-59. :)

John Cereghin WDX3IAO KB3LYP
Smyrna, Delaware
My radio page
Twitter- @Pilgrimway

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