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I don't consider it an issue. Here in North America there are a couple of Navigational beacons on 450 in the Caribbean - one of which I've heard a few times on a 2010 - but not much else.

Whatever frequency is used as an IF frequency would do the same thing.

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The DX-440/ATS-803 are dual conversion. Also, the Sony 2010 is
dual conversion. All exhibit the 455 kHz birdie syndrome though!
It can be a definite PITA!


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> I thought it was common for <$1000 radios to use 455KHZ
> I.F. (even if they are dual conversion and have another
> higher I.F. frequency). Then if there is I.F. leakage
> back into the RF input stage you will get oscillation
> at about 455KHZ. The Radio Shack DX-440 is an prime
> example of this, made worse by being single-conversion.
> I don't have a PL-600 to compare, but it sounds like the
> exact same problem.
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> > I just got a PL-600 and while tuning it on the LW band I came across a severe birdie between 450-460 kHz. Is this what to expect from a cheap chineze radio? I'm not too happy with my radio, so I wonder if it could be one of those that QC missed...
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> > I have a video that shows this:
> >
> > Regards
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> > Lasse
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