Re: Processer SSB Radios ??


Thanks for the rundown.. I would have thought the Sony syncros would
have been better for ssb than the 600/660 tecsun.. do you find that..
and, do any of them have an external antenna socket??



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I have both the SONY '7600G and the '7600GR now, and think either will get more listen-able stations than the PL-600 but not by much. Both SONY models have been 100% reliable, and the 1/8th inch mono ant input jacks are for ALL bands [include MW & LW]. They have better or at least as good choices for reducing strong signals too, but that is not a problem here. I do like the music audio best on the PL-600. Sound on the GR is second. The 7600G is third with 'thinner' but very clear sound. Last time I looked the total costs of buying a PL-600 was closer to 2/3 as much as the SONY 'GR. Any of them would be a very good spotter for your ULR's and tune SSB. All three can sound good on headphones or external speakers they 'like'. My opinion is the SONYs have better tuners with more features. - FARMERIK

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