Re: August 2012 Oregon C liff Ultalight DXpedition Results

Alex P


Very interesting reading of a fine report and congratulations on bringing focus to a different DX experience.

As I was reading the discussion regarding the comparison with Greyland/more inland reception, it occurred to me that it might be worthwhile to see if there is a significant difference if you're located at the water/beach at sea level as opposed to cliffside. Has anyone had a chance to do this?



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Hello All,

For those interested in the fanatical sport of chasing Transoceanic DX
on sheer ocean side cliffs with Ultralight radios and FSL antennas, a
file describing the 5-day South Pacific DXing results at Oregon's
"Rockwork 4" (a sheer 400 foot cliff in Tillamook County, south of
Cannon Beach) has been uploiaded to , and to the
Ultralightdx Yahoo group file section.

Detailing the thrilling experience of receiving bizarre-strength New
Zealand stations at the top of a sheer ocean cliff with a straight-down
drop off to the Pacific below, the DXpedition report describes the goal
of duplicating the freakish-strength South Pacific propagation observed
during the July DXpedition to Cape Perpetua, especially the search for
an Oregon cliff site of near-identical topography which could also
provide DU signals of S/N readout-pegging levels. The search was
successful... "Rockwork 4" provided its own freakish-strength and
obscure DU's, including a few bizarre stations like 585-Radio Ngati
Porou, a presumed 936-New Supremo and many others. Thanks again to
Bruce, Chuck, Paul, Neil, Tony and others who provided ID assistance on
obscure stations. Hopefully the DXpedition report will motivate a few
other fanatics to head for the cliffs!

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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