Hidden coverage for 1715-2300khz in Tecsun DSP radios?

yoonh.choi <yoonh.choi@...>

Recently I bought Tecsun PL-505 via eBay and overall I'm satisfied with it, specially its compact design and good enough performance. I tried PL-380 before this (and returned it due to a few defective buttons) and found PL-505 having about the same reception performance as PL-380.

I found an issue though, which could be a known defect of PL-505 or of all Tecsun-made DSP radios because they are using the same circuit I guess.

In SW mode, scanning (not ATS) starts when the VF button is pressed for a coule of seconds. Then the frequency goes up until it reaches the top, 21950khz. The problem is that the radio shuts off itself when reached 21950khz, not starting it over from the bottom 2300khz as MW or FM does. Is this happening on my radio only?

If I turn the tuning knob downward and start scanning, the frequency goes down and the funnier thing happens. It goes below 2300khz and shuts off itself when reached 1715khz.

This unwanted shutoff is definitely a defect of PL-505 (or maybe all Tecsun DSP radios), unless this is happening on mine only. However, it seems like it gives me extra shortwave coverage for 1715-2300khz, though I haven't received anything from this new(?) band yet. So I'm not sure if PL-505 really works for this band.

Any PL-380/505/606 users having this issue?

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