Re: Processer SSB Radios ??


Here is my take on the PL-600, written for Homesteaders, not radio enthusiasts. -


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Thanks Paul.

Just noticed an earlier posting about a PL600 which looks to be
processed, I may be wrong..but it looks good on youtube... and cheap
at Amazon too.

As mentioned in my post, I don`t want it as a U/L.. as my FT 817 is
not considered a U/L either.. lol.(unless you are working contest)



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I'm not aware of DSP with SSB in the ultralights yet. By the way, Such a radio would NOT be an ultralight according to this group's rules.

Paul S. in CT

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I have an Eton G8 and a Tecsun 380 and wonder if there is a similar
SSB version available ?? my Yaesu FT817 isn`t quite up to the
filtering capabilities of the microlites (on contest days lol !!).


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