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Peter Laws

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Subject: [NRC-AM] CKGM 990 AM testing this morning on 690 kHz

I found some pre-recorded CKGM 990 kHz. programming on 690 kHz this morning at around 10 am Eastern. There is an announcement running periodically indicating that this is CKGM TSN Radio testing on 690 kHz. There is a telephone number and e-mail address being given for reports of interference.

Sheldon Harvey

Interesting. When I was a kid, CKGM was on 980 kHz and CBC's CBM was
on 940 kHz and, unless I'm mistaken, CBF (Radio Canada, the
French-language CBC) was on 690 kHz.

This is all in Montreal, BTW. :-)

But CKGM, which was most definitely a Top 40 station back in the day,
has been on 990 for years and all-sports. Might even have had a
different call for a while. CBC has abandoned AM for the most part,
and I knew 940 was dark so it makes sense that 690 was dark, too.
Seems to me I heard that they'd moved to 990 for pattern and/or power
reasons. I gather that 690 lets them run more power and/or have a
better pattern.

Montreal's AM dial sure has changed. Let's see, hen I was a kid ...

CFCF/600 and CBF/690 and are both gone, CKAC/730 and CJAD/800 are
still there, CBM/940 is gone, CKGM was 980 and is now 990, CJMS was
1280 and don't know it's status, and CFOX, later CKO (where I worked
for a time) was at 1470 and *it's* gone. There were a couple other
French-language stations, too.

So different now.

OK, I'm done. :-)

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