Re: Oregon Cliff DXpedition-- South Pacific UnID's (and Mysteries)

Tony Magon

Hi Gary

I will have a more closer listen in the next couple of days

936 4PB at night will either run parliament until sometimes 0900z, if parliament is not sitting then they normally relay BBC with local news breaks around the half hour and hour.

Re 531 - will need to have a closer listen to that one. I hear the very brief announcement.


Tony VK2IC

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 6:55 AM, <D1028Gary@...> wrote:

Hello All,

As usual during a major ocean beach DXpedition, several mystery South
Pacific DX stations were received during the recent Ultralight radio
sessions on the 400 foot "Rockwork 4" Cliff on Oregon's ocean coast.
Unlike most of the typical mystery stations, though, most of these were
received at fairly vibrant levels.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in identifying these UnID
stations, either by Ultralight radio DXers in Australia or New Zealand,
or by TP-DXing experts like Bruce, Chuck or Patrick here in the

531- UnID Australian This rock music station was received at a strong
level at 1311 UTC on 8-22, but the only identity clue seems to be a
very brief slogan in between the two songs. 531-PI in New Zealand is
received weakly during the recording, indicating that the station is
definitely Australian. Not too much to go on, but any help from down

639-UnID Australian Mixing with New Zealand's 639 Radio National (2
kW) station throughout the DXpedition was this classic pop music
station at a pretty vibrant level. The station was isolated during the
following recording at 1339Z on 8-24:
The RNZ relay (// 567, with voice) is heard mixing with the UnID music
station during the following recording:
The 638-RNZ relay all by itself is heard in the following recording:
Does someone know if 2HC in Coff's Harbour (or some other Aussie
station) plays this type of music?

666 kHz This frequency was a real circus throughout the DXpedition. In
the following recording on 8-24 there are two English voices, one
female (presumed ABC in Canberra) and one male, but no French that I
can make out. Can anyone suggest the identity of the male-voiced
English station in the mix?
This is another 666 recording made on 8-21, hopefully with enough
evidence to dig out a few clues:

936-UnID-DU This bizarre music was received at a vibrant level at 1341
on 8-21 all by itself. The Japanese-sounding music seems strange for a
DU station, and there was absolutely no propagation to Asia at the
time. Does anyone know if the format would fit either 4PB, or Radio

1503-UnID-DU Unlike the recording last month at Cape Perpetua, this
one is clearly English-- but still no ID's. Can anyone suggest the
identity, perhaps by matching voices or the format?

Thanks very much for any and all assistance!

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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