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John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Kirk Allen has also been doing some testing of a Barefoot E100 vs a Slider E100 vs a Slider + A Small Passive Loop (Select-a-Tenna and others) His preliminary findings (article to follow soon) are very much aligned with Kevin S's results.... Slider E100 is great by itself, Slider E100 + Loop is even better!  Like Kevin, all of Kirk's testing has been on domestic channels.

John B.

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Hello Paul,
     The stock E100 has a poorly shaped, flat loopstick which makes inductive coupling with external passive loop systems marginal at best.  To my knowledge, every user of a Slider E100 has found it superior in DX performance to a stock E100 with either a Terk, SAT, Twin Coil, Q-stick, Quantum Loop or other accessory.  This is based on observations by Kirk Allen, Kevin Schanilec, myself and others.
     These passive and active loop systems usually provide a greater boost with other Ultralight radio designs, because of better-designed stock loopsticks in these other models.
     73,  Gary DeBock 
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Is there an update on this, by way of a comparison between the
slider antenna and the twin coil ferrite antenna?


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> Hello Gary,
> Recently John Bryant gave a plywood-mounted Slider E100 to
Kirk Allen,
> and I gave plastic-mounted Slider E100 models to Kevin Schanilec,
and Colin
> Newell.
> Both Kirk and Kevin have mentioned that their Slider E100's
> certain external antenna accessories in sensitivity, and Colin
also has given
> a similar great report..
> As one of the designers of the Slider antenna, I try to avoid
> of competing antenna systems, and let others give their own report
on its
> superior capabilities. Within a few days, I think you will hear
more about
> these direct comparisons run by impartial observers, which of
course will
> persuade curious DXers much more than anything that I could say.
> 73 and Good DX,
> Gary DeBock
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