Re: [IRCA] Eton E100 slider drop test

Gary DeBock

Hi Colin,
     No problem at all.  The plastic frame Slider E100's are designed to take some severe shocks, and still operate. They were made this way because the designer knew he would drop one, eventually :>).  I assume the plastic frame protected the loopstick from damage.  Even if not (as Kirk Allen has proved), you can still hear a lot of great DX on a Slider E100 as long as you can peak the signals (even with a cracked ferrite bar). The sliding coil system actually compensates for any pieces of ferrite missing, and the unit operates at near 100% sensitivity.
     Temporarily, I would recommend that you use strong rubber bands to hold the plastic frame on the top of the radio, until you return to Victoria.  A second attempt at a Superglue bonding would be kind of dicey, because the surfaces are no longer flat.  The front cabinet section of the E100 can be easily swapped out (there is an extra one here, to which I can attach another plastic frame), and your Slider E100 will be as good as new after a checkup, and alignment.
     Anyway, the "TSA insurance model" is still ready and waiting, should you desire to swap models now, or in the future.  This would not delay sending the new Slider E100 to the other Victoria DXer, since two more models should be finished here this week.    
     73 and Have Fun,
In a message dated 12/23/2008 1:20:48 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, cafe@... writes:
Murphy DX Law #1 -

day 2 of 10 day Kona DXped.

You drop your best radio early on in the
dxped after you have been listening for hours,
are tired and put the radio down and walk away
with the headphones still plugged in.

Boom. Antenna assembly separated from E100
but wires intact. unit still works.

will get some crazy glue or strong rubber bands to piece back together.

yup. idiot moment for sure.
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Victoria, British Columbia - Radio VA7WWV
Editor - DXer DOT CA and Bob Harris DOT Com

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