Re: [IRCA] DEC 23 - Eton E100 slider drop test and TPs

Gary DeBock

Wow Colin,
     Your Slider E100 seems not only to have survived the drop test, but is now meaner than ever!
     To be honest, I spent all summer DXing with a Slider E100 having the 2 Litz wires dangling out to a loose loopstick, just like yours (the plastic frame wasn't designed until September).  John Bryant saw it once at Grayland, and probably thought I was nuts. The monster radio doesn't seem to care-- it will still be a mean DX performer either way. It logged many Aussies, Kiwis, Tonga and Fiji for me at Grayland in the summer, despite the bizarre "configuration."
     When you return to Victoria, I can retain the DX-proven RF section of the radio, and simply install a new front panel having a new plastic frame. Your veteran Slider E100 should look brand new.
     73 and Have Fun,
     Gary (in the Puget Sound deep freeze)
In a message dated 12/23/2008 12:27:58 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, cafe@... writes:

Was up at 1400UTC there about.... 5AM Hawaii time...
with the now hand-held-together E100 slider...
to describe the dial as chock-a-block would be fair:
Truk on 1593, Thailand on 1575, Korea on 1566, Tawian WYFR
on 1557, Australian on 1548 and so on... Malaysia on 1476 (tent), unid on 1314
JOWF on 1440, JJ on 1386, China on 1296, Japan on 1287  and 1278...
something on every channel down to 1143 and 1134 where there were pile-ups...
1098 Marshall one of the loudest non-Hawaii on the band...
etc etc etc etc...
Will get a notebook today at an ABC store and take some notes.
Lots of MP3 recorded last night.

Highly recommend this QTH for Pacific DXing. Very quiet...
Colin Newell - Editor - CoffeeCrew DOT Com ---
Victoria, British Columbia - Radio VA7WWV
Editor - DXer DOT CA and Bob Harris DOT Com

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