Phillipines to Ireland on an UL!

Paul Logan

Hi all,

have been out of the UL loop recently but had one logging yesterday which made me very very happy and got my interest going again.

VOA Poro Point, Luzon, Phillipines, 1170, 1635 UTC om in special English talk about Pakistan / Afghan politics - fair peak, distance: 6658 miles / 10715 km

I first logged this a few days back on my regular set up ( even that was a shock) and wondered could I manage it with the barefoot SRF 39FP. After about twenty minutes of listening around sunset the English local Magic 1170 went into a deep fade revealing VOA in the clear.

It was a really thrilling moment. Almost makes me ashamed of playing with bigger radios!.

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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